Forging Unbreakable Ties Between Consumers and Merchants

At GOTYOU, we've engineered the ultimate bridge between online exploration and in-store engagement, revolutionizing the way consumers and businesses connect in a symbiotic relationship of trust and value.

88 %
of Smartphone Users
use a search tool before
visiting a local store.
of U.S. Consumers
belong to loyalty
rewards programs
increase in open
rates for in-app
direct notifications
About us

GOTYOU was founded in late 2022

Since launching his first startup nearly 25 years ago, our team has been a force for transformation, empowering countless small businesses and disrupting the digital advertising landscape. As we enter the next 25 years, our audacious mission crystallizes: enrich every community we engage with.

Today, we're pivoting from past triumphs to leverage cutting-edge technologies, aiming to revolutionize the $600 billion digital advertising space. But we're more than just tech pioneers; through our charitable giving fund activated by platform engagement, we're cultivating a future of mutual growth and community well-being.

Our mission

We've re-envisioned the landscape of digital discovery, customer engagement & giving.

Welcome to GOTYOU – a nexus where online engagement fuels community growth. We reward your local discoveries with Location Based Tokens, creating a currency of real-world connections. Our users are the lifeblood of a thriving, communal marketplace, not mere data points.
With every interaction, you earn rewards and drive commerce. Plus, 10% of our proceeds bolster charities within the communities we serve, beginning with Utah County. Each click on GOTYOU not only supports local businesses but also sows the seeds of giving.
Experience the fusion of trust, community, and impact with GOTYOU, where every action enriches the local tapestry.

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Our journey

The game is just getting started

As we take our first steps on this transformative journey building a Web3 company, think of us as being in the first inning of a thrilling nine-inning game—our initial batter is approaching the plate, the stands are buzzing with anticipation, and our service vendors are poised to deliver exceptional value to our ever-growing community of satisfied customers.

Q3 2022

GOTYOU was founded

GOTYOU was founded with a clear mission to disrupt local discovery and engagement space. Before even writing a line of code, we spoke at length with local merchants and potential users to gauge market needs. This led to our 'Phase One' pilot, which used QR codes, SMS messaging, and opt-ins as tools to explore whether consumers would engage differently with local businesses if offered rewards.

Q4 2022

Raised Pre-Seed Round

In these early days we have secured pre-seed funding to support a small team and set the stage for our next steps. Rather than diving straight into development, we crafted detailed mock-ups for each platform component to visualize their functions. These mock-ups included a consumer-friendly mobile app intended for mass adoption, a simplified Business Management Center, and a blockchain-based universal rewards platform. With these blueprints in hand, we conducted a Phase 2 pilot to gather valuable consumer and merchant feedback.

1H 2023

Technology Building

In the first half of 2023, our journey accelerated across multiple dimensions. We bolstered our foundation through strategic partnerships with shopping centers, merchants, and platform providers, and raised an additional funding to fuel our vision. Our engineering teams took pivotal steps, building our platform on the Polygon Chain and rolling out the inaugural version of our Merchant Center, complete with business profile management, campaign setup, billing, and reporting functionalities. Concurrently, our mobile app reached its MVP stage, ready for internal and location-based testing.

2H 2023

Momentium Unleashed

In the second half of 2023, our vision truly took shape as we initiated customer outreach and onboarding while gearing up for an early Q4 beta launch of our mobile app. With thousands of eager beta users and hundreds of merchants—including key shopping areas—already on board, our app promises immediate value through daily earning opportunities. As we pivot into the fall and winter, our roadmap is laden with additional features set to augment the user experience and deepen engagement.

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