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Welcome to the GOTYOU ambassador program, where your passion for local experiences meets limitless opportunities. At GOTYOU, we're more than just ambassadors; we're explorers, connectors, and advocates of local Restaurants, Retailers and other cool gems. Join us in creating a vibrant tapestry of discoveries, and let's embark on a journey filled with rewards and adventures!

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What is this all about?

Looking for an exciting and rewarding gig that's more than just a side hustle? Whether you're a college student seeking extra income or someone with a few hours to spare each week, being a GOTYOU Ambassador is a game-changer.

We're not your typical gig job where you deliver food or run errands. We're local heroes, a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating and championing local experiences. Join us as we uncover hidden gems, support local businesses, and go the extra mile with our recommendations.

As a GOTYOU Ambassador, you're not just earning – you're making a meaningful impact on your community. Whether you're new to gig work or looking to expand your gig job portfolio, being a Ambassador is your ticket to a more exciting and fulfilling journey. Get ready to explore, share, and earn like never before with us

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Why Join the GOTYOU Ambassador Program

Earn $GET Tokens: When you refer a user to GOTYOU, you earn $GET tokens – a token of our appreciation for sharing your passion.
Refer a Merchant, Earn Big:
Introduce a business to GOTYOU, and when they sign up and start their first campaign, you'll receive a $30-90 reward.
Residual Income, Forever:
Here's the game-changer – enjoy 10% of the net revenue residual from that referred merchant, FOREVER! Watch your GOTYOU wallet grow with a monthly bonus.
Free starter kit:
We've got you covered with a cool starter kit to kickstart your journey as a GOTYOU City Guide.
Free Merch:
As a thank-you, we'll send you exclusive GOTYOU merchandise from time to time that celebrates your commitment.
Additional Incentives:
Stay tuned for exciting incentives that'll keep your local exploration journey thrilling.

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Ready to Be a Ambassador? Here's How

Join the GOTYOU Program: Fill out a simple form to let us know why you're passionate about local experiences.
Your Journey Begins:
Once you apply, you're on your way to becoming a GOTYOU Ambassador.
Explore and Share:
Start uncovering your city's hidden gems and sharing your favorite local discoveries.

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