The average consumer eats out 5 times each week.
Local discovery elevated!

Your Local Favorites, Now More Rewarding Than Ever!

It's Simple: Engage with Your Favorite Local Hot Spots, Fuel Their Growth, and Get Rewarded in Real Cash. Everyone Wins!

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Earn reward tokens at hundreds of partner locations in and around your community
The Shops at the Riverwoods Provo UtahEveryday is a good day for JambaAlways great food at Kneaders Bakery CafeUniversity Place in Orem Utah
How it works FOR Users

Our simple, yet efficient checkin system

GOTYOU is the go-to hub for discovering almost every local restaurant, retail store, and service provider. GOTYOU users simply check in, leave feedback, or post on social in the app to earn immediate cash rewards, while our partner merchants gain a direct connection to a new customer.

GOTYOU Rewards App - Start Earning

1. Create a free GOTYOU account.

Download for Free: Engage with Local Stores, Earn Immediate Cash Rewards. Your profile and data are in safe hands—full control remains with you.

GOTYOU Rewards App - Start Earning

2. Visit local GOTYOU businesses.

Personalized Discovery: Check in and interact to teach the app your tastes. Unlock recommendations for hidden gems and exciting new businesses tailored just for you.

GOTYOU Rewards App - Start Earning

3. Check-in & start earning instantly.

Become a Local Influencer: Earn Universal Rewards for Check-Ins, Feedback, Surveys, and Social Posts. Spend what you earn at any of our partner stores.

Learn why GOTYOU is great for your business!

Supercharge every customer interaction with GOTYOU and
spend less on advertising. Unlock game-changing customer
insights for even single-location businesses—creating enduring,
transparent relationships.

Instant Customer Optin

Instant customer opt-ins

Seamlessly transition from visitors to engaged participants, igniting unparalleled brand affinity right from the get-go.

Direct customer links

Direct link to your customers.

Forge unbreakable bonds by bypassing intermediaries, establishing a transparent, real-time channel for interaction and insight.

Increase Revenue

Increased transactions

Amplify your revenue streams as our platform transforms casual interactions into meaningful, frequent transactions, supercharging both loyalty and profits.

Direct customer connection

Push offers to users wallet

Elevate promotions by directly infusing tailor-made offers into users' digital wallets, sparking immediate action and unparalleled customer delight.

GOTYOU Rewards App - Start Earning
Local Merchants Love GOTYOU
How it works FOR MERCHANT Partners

Get started in minutes - Free business profile!

Get started with GOTYOU in just 5 minutes and only pay for real, tangible results—no more wasted ad spend. Directly connect with local targeted customers who are genuinely interested in what you offer. Get to know your customers better than even Google can—all on a pay-per-action platform.

Merchants get new customers and conections through GOTYOU

Business Center

Unlock the future of business growth with GOTYOU's easy campaign management, turning complex strategies into effortlessly executed plans that deliver results.

Streamlined Interface:

Manage all your campaigns from a single,
user-friendly dashboard.

Real-Time Analytics w/ Attribution

Make data-driven decisions on the fly.

GOTYOU was created with all of us in Mind

Experience the ease of GOTYOU, where convenience meets customer satisfaction, transforming every interaction into a streamlined, rewarding journey for consumers everywhere.

1st Party Data & Engage-To-Earn

Control who sees your personal information and profile.
Multiple ways to earn rewards.

Universal Rewards & Visa Card

Universal Rewards allows you to earn at many local merchants.
When you are ready to spend the results use the Visa card that is attached to your GOTYOU Wallet.

GOTYOU Rewards App - Start Earning
Convenient For Customers - Deliver X Webflow Template

Start attracting more users today!

Elevate your brand's reach and resonance—start attracting more users today with GOTYOU and turn casual visitors into fervent advocates.

GOTYOU Rewards App - Start Earning
GOTYOU Rewards App - Start Earning